“My name is Katharina and I am half german half french. I grew up in Germany and moved to Paris after high school to start my 2-years double degree in Accountancy and International Management.

After this I got accepted in a business school where I graduated last year with a BBA.

Testimonial Katharina

Why did you decide to join the programme?

I decide to join the programme because I think that the European Triple Degree will be a perfect match with the vision I have of my future career. I have an international background and a strong interest in business. Already graduated from a business school, I decided to continue my studies and obtain a master degree. As French-German, I grew up in a European context and I would like to work in this environment. Furthermore, the excellent reputation of emlyon business school, LMU and Lancaster University and the great network will help me find new and better career opportunities.

A quick recap about your first months experience in the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole?

The first months at emlyon business school went by very fast. Every week we had a different topic at school in order to regain knowledge about the basic elements of management like marketing, human resources, finance, etc. Several projects needed to be done in groups that were imposed to us in the beginning of the semester. The groups were mixed by gender, age and nationality. A very interesting challenge because it gives us the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment where issues need to be solved and a good communication need to be implemented.

In addition, we could also benefit from the extra scholar activities at emlyon business school: I was enrolled in a course about improvisational theatre, went on a "xtrem day" organised by the emlyon sport club where I did paragliding and also got accepted as being an embassador for the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole.

All in all, you can do the most and the best of your time at emlyon business school if you want it, if you're motivated and curious and if you want to find the "early maker" spirit inside of you.


One of my best memories during the first months in the European Triple Degree programme was the business game at the end of the first semester. During one week we needed to run a company in a group and take several strategic decisions for 6 years. Our decisions and the decisions of our competitors influenced the market position and the financial outcome of our company. It was a very valuable week where we learned all different aspects about entrepreneurship and how to run a company successfully or even fail.

Tell us about your professional project?

After my graduation, I would like at first to work for several years in a consulting company in Change management. I would like to use the knowledge gained during my year in Munich and during my last internships. Working in a consulting company will give me the possibility to work on different, interesting projects and to widen my network for potential future career opportunities.

In the long-term, I would like to open my own company because the entrepreneurial spirit was always something I was fascinated about. After several years working for a consulting company, it could be an opportunity for me to challenge myself and to do something new.

Which key words would you associate with the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole?

Challenging, open-minded, excellence and diversity.