Temporary Changes to Admissions Process

To apply for the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole students are normally required to include a management test score (TAGE-MAGE, GMAT, GRE) in their application file. Due to the current circumstances, the FNEGE has made the decision to suspend and cancel the online eGScore 2, which is the online version of the TAGE-MAGE (from the press release of the 29th of April 2020).

As a significant number of applicants did not get the chance to take a management test before the beginning of the lockdown in many countries, emlyon business school, Lancaster University and Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich’s priorities are clear: we are committed to providing an application process that is fair and considers applicants equally.

In light of this situation, and according with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, emlyon business school has adapted its application conditions:

- Management aptitude test scores are from now on and until August 2020 an optional document for your application. You can submit your application without any management aptitude score.
- If you are admitted to the program without any management test score, you will receive a CONDITIONAL OFFER. You will then have to provide a management test score before the end of your first academic year. If you do not provide one of the management test score options before the end of your first academic year, you may be excluded from the program and won't be able to graduate from emlyon business school, LMU Munich and LUMS.

This is, of course, an exceptional decision based on exceptional circumstances and will not be repeated in the coming years.

We are very much aware of the efforts and dedication of many applicants during this sanitary situation and we do our best to adapt our admission conditions the best and as soon as we can.

Are you eligible to the European triple Degree?

Students holding one of the following degrees can apply:
- Students holding a Bologna compliant Bachelor’s Degree (Bac+3 minimum, equivalent to 180 European credits ECTS) recognized by the French, British and German government’s)

You may apply during the same year that you are obtaining your degree which makes you eligible for the Triple Master's Degree (minimum Bachelor’s Degree). If you are admitted but did not obtain your degree before December 2020, you may be excluded from the program and won't be able to graduate from emlyon business school.


We kindly remind you that emlyon business school or a mandated body will verify the validity of the information provided in your application file, including your obtained diploma(s).

You are eligible, apply!

Create an account or go to your dashboard and start your application file!

What are the required documents?

Mandatory documents (all the documents provided need to be in English or French (except passport and identity card):
- A resume
- A copy of an official valid identity card or passport
- A certified copy of your most recent academic degree
- A certificate of attendance
- A certified copy of your transcripts from the first year of your undergraduate education until now
- An English proficiency test: TOEFL iBT®, TOEIC®, IELTS® or Cambridge (TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition or EasySPEAKing will be also accepted until August 2020. To register for the EasySPEAKing online test, please send an email to
- An official management aptitude test score: GMAT™, GRE™ or TAGE MAGE® (eGSCore 2 / GMAT™ Online exam / GRE® General Test at Home will be accepted until August 2020.)


We kindly remind you that:
- GMAT™ and GRE™ will be valid for 5 years
- English test will be valid for 2 years (not including EasySPEAKing)
- TAGE MAGE will be valid for 2 years


Optional documents :
- Recommandation letters


The admissions officers will contact you if some document is missing in your application.


The information provided by the candidate in the application file must be true and accurate. emlyon business school or a mandated body will verify all material and statements (transcripts, average scores, internships…). All documents sent in support of the application become the property of emlyon business school and will not be returned or released to a third party. Misrepresentation before December 2020 may lead to refusal/cancellation of admission or exclusion from emlyon business school. In this case, the fees collected by emlyon business school will not be reimbursed.

You have completed your application. Take the Digital tests.

You will receive an email with your access to your makersboard, where you will find a link to download the digital tests.

emlyon business school introduced a new tool in the selection process which is in line with today’s digital landscape and the practices of major international companies in their search for new talents. Once your online application file completed, you will be asked to go through some digital tests including cognitive tests and professional role-playing linked with the program you’re applying for and the emlyon business school’s early maker spirit. To take these digital tests that you will realize alone, we recommend you to adopt a professional posture and to be in a quiet place. These tests will last about 1 hour.

Do you want to know your admission results?

The admission board will review your application and your digital tests. You will receive an email within 15 working days to inform you that your results are available in your makersboard.

Are you admitted?

Confirm your enrolment. You will find in your makersboard the enrolment form to be sent fulfilled to the admission's office with a copy of the bank transfer of the 3500 € non-refundable deposit within ten calendar days.

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