From marketing to finance, corporate development, supply chain, or organisation, change & strategy, career possibilities in management are far from being limited. Find out what vital skills you need to acquire during your higher education to start a successful career.

Develop a fundamental skillset

Throughout your master’s in management degree, you will develop hard and soft skills to cope with the constantly-changing landscape of management.


Hard skills
In every organization’s business, managers are able to evolve in a fast-paced and constantly changing environments. Innovation is essential in order to plan and target objectives in the present, as well as to ensure the future of a business. Consequently, forward planning is a key skill to work successfully.

Innovation is also at the heart of a business competitiveness. It is therefore obvious that businesses need to test and try emerging digital technologies. In other words, analytical and creative thinking skills are crucial to incorporate new operations in order to let businesses evolve along with technologies. Imagination has to be unlimited, a key mindset which emlyon business school encourages its MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole students to develop.


Soft skills
Soft skills are also essential to your career; conveying genuine emotional intelligence should not be neglected. A business is an agglomerate of people interacting together. Therefore, collaboration and communication through interpersonal skills are the bonds that guarantee a company's sustainable development, motivating people to achieve the best results.

As mentioned previously, communication is the key to interact with each other in a business. As is often said – teamwork makes the dream work! That is why MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole students at emlyon business school actively work together by sharing ideas and visions.

Find your interests

At emlyon business school, students who study the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole have gained the necessary management knowledge and practical experience to choose their field of specialisation. This programme offers a specialisation year in either Corporate Finance or Marketing or Organisation, Change & Strategy or Corporate Development; four highly coveted sectors of today's global economy.

The opportunity to study a range of specialist modules taught by leading European institutions, twinned with two internship opportunities will serve as a tangible proof of students’ abilities and interests to future recruiters.