"My name is Katharina and I am half German half French. I grew up in Germany and moved to Paris after high school to start my 2-year double degree in Accountancy and International Management.

Katharina MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole

After this I integrated a business school where I graduated last year with a BBA.Traveling is my passion, especially because these trips allow me to visit new places, to interact with new people, and especially to discover new cultures. These adventures give me the opportunity to broaden my perspectives and to apprehend the world in its entirety and its wealth.


I decided to join the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole because I think that this programme will be a perfect match with the vision I have of my future career. I have an international background and a strong interest in business. Already graduated from a business school, I decided to continue my studies and obtain a master degree. As French-German I grew up in a European context and I would like to work in this environment.


During my last internship as Junior Consultant in Change Management I got the chance to work with two major companies: Société Générale and Airbus. I gained knowledge in Change, Lean and Strategic Management in order to find innovative and distributive ideas. I think that nowadays innovation is a vital requirement in all kind of industries. Thus, the courses and experiences gained during this Triple Master’s Degree at emlyon business school and the possibility to specialise in Strategy at Ludwig Maximilian Universität (Munich) will deepen my knowledge. Furthermore, the excellent reputation of emlyon business school, Ludwig Maximilian Universität and Lancaster University and the great network will help me find new and better career opportunities.


I expect that the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole will give me additional knowledge. I believe that I will deepen my knowledge in change and strategic management already gained during my previous work experiences. The possibility to study in Lyon and in another city in an international environment with different nationalities is a benefit for my personal development. I appreciate to meet new people from different cultures and to learn about their habits and customs. I think that the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole will give me an even greater open-mindedness to other cultures already well anchored in me because of my double nationality.


On the one hand, the MSc in Management – European Triple Degree – Grande Ecole will be a plus for my future career and on the other hand it will be a great personal experience because of the acquirement of the skills and knowledge gained within emlyon business school and my compulsory internships.”